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The D.A.V. Public School Parwanoo (H.P.) was established as a wing of D.A.V. Public School, Surajpur (Haryana) on public demand of the residents of this developing town of Parwanoo in April 1989, with only Nursery and K.G. Classes. The School grew up gradually by next higher class every year. The School was under the administrative control of Principal of the parent School. As the Student’s Strength became large enough and also due to other administrative necessities regarding jurisdictional obligations, this School was separated from the parent School to assume independent status with effect from 1.1.1997. At present the School is under direct control of Regional Director/ Manager of the School Mrs. Shashi Kiran Gupta and Chairman, local managing committee, Justice A.L. Bahri

The School has a magnificent set-up overlooking the picturesque Shivalik Range of the lower Himalayas. During all the seasons the environment plays a very significant role in developing a feeling that teacher and the taught are living with nature itself. Situated in the heart of, peaceful residential area of a developing new township away from the maddening crowd, the School is ideally located for pursuit of knowledge.


The objectives of the School are to inculcate in younger generation beliefs and ideas leading to the following:

  • The faith in Mother India, a nation based on the principal of harmony and co -existence.
  • The faith in human dignity, having love and respect for every human being irrespective of Country, Colour, Creed, Language and Religion.
  • The faith in dignity of labour regarding work as worship and worker as worshipper.
  • The faith in the value of time doing the right thing at a right time in right manner.
  • The faith in tradition and Indian Culture, the unknown contact between one generation and another.
  • The faith in truth, with eager preparedness to renounce what has been proved to be false, anti -social or inhuman.
  • To initiate and finally establish in its students habits of independence, self-control, cleanliness and social behaviour and enjoyment in both work and play.

In brief, the aim is to provide experience for the development of the potentiality of each student, so that each may be fit to develop himself in the society for even higher ends.

The specific areas considered conducive for competent growth of the students are:

  • Development of basic mental abilities and skills.
  • Physical growth and proficiency in games and sports.
  • Learning to establish good human relationship and imbibing the virtues of moral courage, developing a will to face challenges in life happily and with determination. In order to achieve these objectives an effort is made to expose the pupils to a variety of situations in the School.


The special characteristics of school are:

  • In order to achieve the objectives of individual attention & child centered education, the number of students per section/teacher is limited.
  • Remedial instructions during school hours for those students who are academically weak.
  • Adequate well equipped facilities for the pursuit of wide variety of educationally appropriate co-curricular activities and academic.
  • Sufficient sport activities are organised to ensure that students are given the opportunities to engage in some form of varied physical education everyday during working hours.
  • A comprehensive job training programme is developed to enhance professional skill and ensure a high level of motivation accountability amongst staff.
  • No doubt, the basic needs of children are met by the family, our school takes care of the development of effective aspects like attitudes, values and interest etc. In addition to the development of knowledge and skill.
  • Sense of belongings is developed among the children so that may feel secure. The spirit is developed that they belong to someone and someone belongs to them.
  • The education in the school is made purposeful by ensuring that student will achieve economic independence if they go through the process of education in this very school.
  • The scientific temper, self-confidence and a spirit of adventure amongst the children is developed through various activities.
  • The school in the years to come, will function as center for pilot experimentation and active research for developing educational technology and devoted teachers teach meticulously to Board Classes.
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