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Education in itself means holistic development of the learner, Holistic development includes physical, mental as well as spirituality evolved person. When ever all these three aspects are covered, under education of a learner its called complete Education.

This personal development and integration will make way for national development and national spirit. Good education will remove the barriers of caste. creed. culture, climate, language and region and lead towards National Unity so that citizen may consider him self an Indian first.

Such an identity is possible if education is based on a set of nationality shared goals and values and it can only be attained through a study of forces, movements, motives, ideas, forms and art of creative life energy through which it has expressed itself in different ages as a single continuous process.

Education must stimulate the student’s power of expression, both written and oral, at every stage in accordance with the highest ideals attained by the great literary masters in the intellectual and moral spheres.

Education must take into account not only the full growth of student’s personality but the totality of his/her relations and lead him/her to the highest self fulfilment of which he/she is capable.

Education should be formative mote than informative and cannot have for its end, mere acquisition of knowledge. its legitimate sphere is not only to develop natural talents of the students but also to shape them so as to enable them to absorb and express the permanent values of Indian Culture.

The unselfish and attached attitude can and should be cultivated even while we are diligently engaged in life’s activities. The Vedas teach us to maintain a detached mind while participating in all the affairs that appertain to one’s place in society. The great secret is that work should be done in spirit of duty performed and dedicated to God. Result should not be permitted to agitate the mind. The results do not belong to the doer. They may form a subject matter of fresh duties but should allow to become cause for mental excitement. The Rig Veda regards education as a force which makes an individual self reliant as well as selfless. As quoted “Mantra is word of power from inner conscience, and education is a force of mind.”

Education while equipping the students with every kind of scientific and technical training, must teach the students not to sacrifice an ancient form or attitude to an unreasoning passion for charge. not to restrain a form or attitude which in the light of modern times can be replaced by another form or attitude which is truer and is more effective expression of the spirit of Indian Education and to capture the spirit fresh for each generation to present to the world.

There is a need for synthesis of modern knowledge and technology with ancient Indian heritage and culture. We have inherited a rich heritage. Our ancient Rishis have left us a cultural legacy of which we can be proud of. Our younger generation should be fully conversant with heritage so that it becomes an integral part of their character and life.

There is a need to have a new concept of modernism. According to the Vedic tradition human organism is a harmonious blend of old and the new. Our breath, heart and mind are all engaged in renovating the old. It is not possible to uproot the past and transplant something quite new in its place. The old system applies not only to the body and the mind but goes deeper to include the supra mental level where the collective consciousness rests peacefully. This justifies the revival of old traditions with new positive innovative traditions so as to transform individual to adjust in dern era.

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